Colleen Hanabusa: Conserva-Dem

Hanabusa goes where the money is.  That means that the Drug PAC, PhARMA is supporting her and she's doing favors for them. She belongs to the Conserva-Dem "New Democrat [sic] Coalition" which is the successor to the Blue Dogs.  ProPublica has called the New Dems, "The Coalition Pharma and Wall Street Love".

  • Joined the "Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" crazies in attempting to derail diplomatic solutions to Iran's nuclear capabilities.
  • Voted against the U.S. taxpayers getting a break on drug prices .
  • Voted to block the EPA from instituting stronger coal emissions rules .
  • Voted to allow Wall St. to gamble on derivatives with tax-payer insured deposits.
  • Refused to call a nearly 100% Democratic Hawaii State Senate into session to over-rule Gov. Lingle's(R) veto of the emergency contraception bill.
  • CREW says, "With the interest rates Rep. Hanabusa is charging for loaning her own campaign money, she could be confused for a loan shark.”
  • Along with other New Dems, Hanabusa willing to deal away your social security.