This site is the work of one person who cares about the future of our state. I'm not associated with any campaign, PAC or organization.  I've tried to be accurate and fair, unlike some sites that are simply hit pieces.  Hanabusa has said, "I'm not as progressive as Patsy Mink" and boy oh boy, she was telling the truth!

As her campaign continues, she's trying to position herself as more progressive than her votes and alliances show she is.

Few voters are aware of her backing by Pharma, Wall Street, Big Energy (Oil/Coal/Gas), and Big Ag (Monsanto, Syngenta, Archer Daniel Midlands, etc). With her endorsement by Emily's List (who only endorses women), some women may be fooled into thinking she is not as luke-warm on choice as she is.  And far less supportive than her male opponent.

Is Hanabusa unrelentingly bad? No. In fact, I'd be supporting her (albeit unenthusiastically) if we lived in a red state and the best we could elect was a conserva-Dem.  But we live in a progressive state and she's trying to unseat the incumbent who has shown himself to be fighting hard to return our government to the hands of the voters instead of the corporations.  Let's not go backward and throw our future away on a corporatist Dem like Hanabusa.

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